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The Rockefeller Beer Pouring


Our favorite.

At The Rockefeller we pride ourselves on serving independent American craft beer.  We feature almost all local and regional beer because fresher beer is better beer.  We have a selection that is sure to have something for everyone.  Weather you’re a beer rookie or beer geek, The Rockefeller will provide you with the best beer experience in the South Bay.

We make good food.
Simple, great food.


We’re often asked what makes us unique.  So, so many things – but mostly our menu.  You just don’t find the same kind of detail in a menu that serves such an abundance of eclectic fair.  The fusion of cuisines sets apart our menu from just about everyone else.  It’s inherent in our name – beginning with a firm sophistication from basic to unique flavors and ingredients.  From there we infuse our passion for cooking and serve up dishes that create memories you can only link to here.   Sure, we’re a gastropub too.  But at our heart we’re a culinary blend of ideas and impressions that express themselves on carefully created plates that we care deeply about.

The Rockefeller American Burger
Coffee Shop at our Redondo Beach Location


Why being from 
the South Bay matters.

It matters. It just does. Nobody cares more about delivering a great product day in and day out than the people who live and are local to the fabric of the community.  The Rockefeller ownership was born and raised in the South Bay community, and calls different beaches their respective homes.  We don't just run our business -- we live our business.  

Thank you for coming to our restaurant, to our home.  We are dedicated to great quality, great product, and friendly service above all.  Enjoy.

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